You have two options for one-day trips, including the rafting experience:

→ Slovak Dunajec River Rafting OtoTatry - route from Majere (Slovakia) to Leśnica (Slovakia), 1.5 hours of rafting
Polish Dunajec River Rafting - route from Sromowce Wyżne (Poland) to Szczawnica (Poland), 2.15 hours of rafting


The Pieniny Mountains are a mountain range that is part of the Carpathians, located in Poland and Slovakia. What makes them exceptional is not only the Dunajec Gorge but also the beautiful and rich flora and fauna. This place is under strict nature protection. Currently, there are ongoing public consultations regarding the inclusion of the Dunajec Gorge on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 


- standard ticket from 160 PLN

- discount ticket up to 10 yo 140 PLN

- discount ticket up to 3 yo 80 PLN



80 PLN

  • discount ticket up to 3 yo

140 PLN

  • discount ticket up 10 yo

160 PLN 

  • standard ticket from



Dunajec Rafting - Slovak

- standard ticket from 180 PLN

- discount ticket up to 10 yo 160 PLN

- discount ticket up to 3 yo 90 PLN


90 PLN 

  • discount ticket up to 3 yo

160 PLN 

  • discount ticket up to 10 yo

180 PLN 

  • standard ticket from

Dunajec Rafting - Polish



- bilet normalny 180 zł / os.

- bilet ulgowy do 10 r.ż. 160 zł / os.


/ os.

--- zł 

  • bilet ulgowy do 10 r.ż.

/ os.

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Fabryka Nestville

- bilet normalny 200 zł / os.

- bilet ulgowy do 10 r.ż. 180 zł / os



  • bilet ulgowy do 10 r.ż.

--- zł 

  • bilet normalny



Spływ Dunajcem Cena - Niedzica Zamek


Dunajec River Rafting Zakopane


The Dunajec River Rafting organized by OtoTatry in Zakopane is an exciting approximately 9-hour trip. The departure from Zakopane takes place in the early morning hours. Upon prior arrangement, there is a possibility to pick up tourists from their accommodation.


It's worth noting that the rafting season runs from April 1st to October 31st. If we want to see the natural wonder of the Pieniny Mountains while flowing through the bends of the Dunajec River, we need to plan our trip during this period.


Interestingly, the Pieniny Gorge looks different in summer compared to autumn when colorful leaves cover the trees along the entire route. Both views are spectacular, so true enthusiasts of beautiful landscapes should participate in the rafting experience at least twice, at the beginning or in the middle, and at the end of the rafting season.



Dunajec River Rafting - Duration and Route Length


The length of the rafting route depends on the chosen tour variant (Slovak or Polish):


    → Slovak Dunajec River Rafting OtoTatry - route from Majere to Leśnica, 11 kilometers long, with a rafting time of about 2 hours.
Polish Dunajec River Rafting (Sromowce Wyżne – Szczawnica route), 15 kilometers long, with a travel time of over 2 hours.


Several factors such as weather and water conditions can affect the final rafting time, so it may extend up to 3 hours. The journey itself is exceptional not only because of the magnificent views and the river's reverse flow but also due to the significant level difference of up to 36 meters.



Dunajec River Rafting Photos


A wonderful souvenir from the thrilling Dunajec River is the photos taken during the rafting, which can be ordered from the rafting guide (raft helmsman). The cost of such a photo is only about 10 PLN. Remember that you should order the photo at the rafting harbor before the start of the trip. You will receive the printed photo after the journey and disembarking from the raft.

Czorsztyn Reservoir
Niedzica Castle

Pieniny National Park seen from the Dunajec River


Rafting on the Dunajec River is a great way to explore the major attractions of Pieniny National Park. Setting off from the rafting harbor in Kąty (Sromowce Wyżne), we will see, among others, Marcelowa Góra, which is off-limits to visitors and has no tourist trails leading to it. We will navigate through one of the two separate channels of the Dunajec, forming a two-kilometer-long island, and see the Aksamitki Mountains, where the legendary Janosik was said to have hidden.


Next, the river's current will lead us past the Red Monastery, and we will witness the pearl of the Pieniny Mountains, which is the Three Crowns. This is where the Gorge begins, consisting of 7 loops and magnificent limestone elevations stretching up to 300 meters high. This breathtaking view must be seen with one's own eyes to truly appreciate its incredible beauty.


The river's current is generally calm, only occasionally picking up pace before slowing down again. Special rafts made up of five pontoons ensure complete safety during both calm and more thrilling parts of the journey when the current increases its speed.



Dunajec Gorge Tour with OtoTatry


Rafting on the Dunajec River is a unique way to witness the true wonder of nature that is the Dunajec Gorge. And all of this in the company of raftsmen who will share the most interesting stories and anecdotes about the Gorge, along with local legends. You can embark on this exceptional tour directly from Zakopane with OtoTatry!


Join us for a wonderful journey on the Dunajec through the most beautiful region of Poland and Slovakia!

Church in Dębno Podhalańskie
Czorsztyn Dam
Sokolica tree
Rafting Dunajec and Niedzica
Czorsztyn Dam
Castle and Lake Czorsztyn
Rafting on the Dunajec River from Zakopane
Dam in Czorsztyn
View of the Czorsztyńskie Lake

 1. How long does the rafting trip last?

  The excursion including Dunajec River rafting organized by takes about 9 hours. The duration of the rafting itself depends on the chosen variant:
  OtoTatry rafting lasts up to 2 hours.

  •     Polish Dunajec Gorge rafting lasts over 2 hours.
  •     Depending on weather conditions, the Dunajec rafting time may extend to 2.5 hours.


    2. What is the length of the route?

  The length of the rafting route depends on the chosen excursion variant. The Polish Dunajec Gorge rafting covers a distance of 15 kilometers, while OtoTatry rafting (Slovakia) is 11 kilometers long. Regardless of the length, both rafting routes are equally picturesque and attractive.


    3. Where does the Dunajec rafting start?

  In the variant covering the Polish Dunajec Gorge rafting, the trip starts in Sromowce Wyżne and ends in Szczawnica. OtoTatry rafting begins at the Majere rafts harbor and concludes at Leśnica.


    4. Do you organize kayaking trips on the Dunajec River?

  Yes, we organize both kayaking trips on the Dunajec River and pontoon rafting through the Dunajec Gorge. If you are interested in this type of tourism, we invite you to the Rafting Dunajec excursion.

Dunajec River Rafting - Want to learn more?


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Dunajec River Rafting Trip - Witness One of Nature's Wonders!


The Pieniny Dunajec Gorge is an extraordinary place that mesmerizes with its picturesque views and unique phenomenon. In a section of the gorge, the Dunajec River actually reverses its course by 180 degrees, flowing in the opposite direction for a while before eventually turning back. Such a phenomenon occurs only in one other place in the world. When you add the majestic scenery to the equation, it's not hard to believe that Dunajec River rafting is considered one of the greatest attractions not only in Poland but also in Europe and around the world.


Rafting through the Dunajec Gorge is an adventure worth experiencing. Tourists from all over the world come to see this exceptional marvel of nature. The good news is that you can do it during your stay in Zakopane. Just take advantage of the Oto Tatry Dunajec River Rafting tour!


Check out other attractions in Zakopane.


Rafting on the Dunajec River - Niedzica Castle

Zakopane attractions - choose Dunajec River rafting!


Zakopane is only about 50 kilometers away from the Pieniny National Park. That's why it's worth taking advantage of your stay in the Tatra Mountains to embark on the wonderful adventure of rafting through the Dunajec Gorge. OtoTatry offers one-day trips that will allow you to experience an unforgettable highland rafting experience in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. We provide transportation to Niedzica and the rafting harbor, as well as back to Zakopane.



Additionally, during your free time, you can visit interesting places such as:

  • Niedzica Castle (additional fee required)
  • Historic Church in Dębno   
  • Leśnica Hut in Pieniny (Slovakia)
Rafting on the Dunajec