Zakopane Sleigh Ride - a Ride in Winter Scenery!



The mountains are beautiful in every season, but snow-covered mountains have something magical about them. As an official organizer of day trips, we want to take you on a real highland sleigh ride illuminated by torchlight. Everything takes place in the quiet and picturesque village of Poronin, where you can enjoy a unique view of the Tatra Mountains. After an hour-long ride on 4 or 8-person sleighs, a feast by the bonfire with a live highland band awaits the participants. Zakopane sleigh ride - a winter attraction in the mountains.


In order to ensure the comfort of our clients and knowing that not everyone travels to Zakopane by car, we offer pickup from the vicinity of your accommodation, precisely from the nearest bus stop, included in the ticket price.

Tatra Sleigh Ride
Tatra Sleigh Ride Zakopane

Zakopane sleigh ride - fun in the highland style!

What does the bonfire sleigh ride in Zakopane look like? The event program is organized in a way to provide our clients with the most wonderful experiences in the greatest comfort!

Racing on torch-lit sleighs, you can feel like the old nobility who loved spending time in the mountains this way!

Sleigh rides have been a popular form of entertainment for many years, accompanied by music, singing, and fun by the bonfire. This attraction is most often chosen by guests visiting Zakopane in the winter season. Zakopane sleigh ride is excellent entertainment for everyone.


After an hour-long sleigh ride, enhanced by the magic of torches, it's time for the feast. A genuine highland band playing throughout the meal adds to the atmosphere of the entire event.

Sleigh ride with a live highland band
Kup bilet- kulig
Wyj膮tkowy kulig
Transfer komfortowym busem
Zakopane- g贸ry

Why OtoTatry for Zakopane Sleigh Ride?

Enchanting Forest Corners of Poronin


Poronin is a town adjacent to Zakopane. It is quieter, more intimate, and hides beautiful places with breathtaking views. Our sleigh ride is not just a route through the valley among the trees; the image that unfolds from the clearing we pass through during the sleigh ride remains etched in memory for a long time. Silence, tranquility, and nature.

Pickup from the Vicinity of Your Accommodation


We do not require our clients to make their own way to the location where the sleigh ride is organized. The ticket price includes transportation in both directions.

Risk-Free Reservation


In the event of a lack of snow and the impossibility of sleigh riding, we offer carriage rides or a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Guarantee of Honesty


OtoTatry is a legally operating day trip agency. We organize excursions both in Poland and abroad. Our priority is a satisfied customer.



Tatra Sleigh Ride


Adults 鈫 160 PLN


Children up to 14 鈫 140 PLN


Children up to 3 鈫 FREE

Sleigh ride Poronin

Poronin - panoramic sleigh ride in Zakopane


Poronin is a picturesque village in the southern part of the Ma艂opolskie Voivodeship, in the Tatra County, within the Poronin municipality. Integral parts of this recreational destination are Jesionk贸wka and Ko艣ne Hamry, as well as two hamlets: Majerczyk贸wka and Stasik贸wka. Its location at the confluence of two mountain streams, Poro艅iec and Zakopianka, and at the foot of the Tatra Mountains at an altitude of 740-800 meters above sea level, adds to its attractiveness.


Due to its location, Poronin offers not only recreational opportunities but also beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains. Between the Misiagi housing estate and Jesionk贸wka, there are vast open fields from which you can admire the panorama of the Tatras. It is precisely in those areas that our sleigh ride route takes place. This place is worth visiting at any time of the year. It is a great area for walking, mountain biking, and in winter, you can go cross-country skiing or participate in our sleigh ride.

The price includes: 

Bonfire Refreshments

Kulig z ogniskiem

Live Highland Folk Music during the feast

Kulig z muzyk膮 g贸ralsk膮

Highland Sleigh Ride in Zakopane with torches

Kulig z pochodniami

Round-trip transportation

Transport na kulig


Picturesque sleigh ride
Sleigh ride
Sleigh ride in an 8-person sleigh
Panorama of the Tatra Mountains, sleigh ride in Zakopane
Highlander's hut in Poronin
Sleigh ride and feast with sausage roasting
Sleigh ride with torches in Poronin
Winter sleigh ride path through the forest
Sleigh ride and feast in the hut
Sleigh ride through the Poronin forest
Sleigh ride through the forest
Zakopane Mountains Sleigh Ride
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 (Zakopane sleigh ride - total duration approximately 2 hours + transportation)




1. Departure for the sleigh ride and pickup from the vicinity of your accommodation.


2. One-hour sleigh ride through picturesque corners of Poronin (the route leads through a snow-covered forest and a clearing from which you can admire the panorama of the Tatras).


3. One-hour feast by the bonfire with a highland band (sausages for self-roasting, homemade bigos, bread with lard and pickles, sausage condiments such as bread, mustard, ketchup, tea with lemon, highland tea with alcohol, and mulled wine (UNLIMITED)).

Zakopane Sleigh Ride - Want to learn more?

See frequently asked questions.


1. How can I purchase a ticket?


Tickets for the Zakopane Sleigh Ride can be purchased on our website online or at our office in Zakopane, Spyrk贸wka 7a.



2. How many people can fit in a sleigh?


The sleighs can accommodate either 4 or 8 people (illustrative photo above). If two people wish to have a sleigh exclusively for themselves, there is an additional charge of 50 PLN per seat in the sleigh.



3. What about children under the age of three?


Children under the age of 3 ride for free but must sit on the lap of one of the parents in the sleigh. It is also possible to purchase a seat in the sleigh for a child at a cost of 40 PLN.



4. What happens if there is no snow and the tickets have been paid for?


For individual bookings, if it is not possible to organize the sleigh ride due to lack of snow, we offer two options: a carriage ride or a refund.



5. Does the Zakopane Sleigh Ride only take place in winter? Do you have a similar offer for summer?


Yes, we also organize a Highland Feast with bonfire and live music during the summer. For more information, please visit: https://ototatry.pl/en/highland-band-and-summer-sleigh-ride.



Sleigh Ride in Zakopane - Take Wonderful Memories from the Mountains!

A stay in the mountains, especially in our beautiful Tatra Mountains, is a great opportunity not only to relax in a magnificent setting but also to participate in many interesting activities. One of the biggest attractions, which provides spectacular experiences for both adults and children, is undoubtedly a sleigh ride in Zakopane! It is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. That's why we gladly show tourists this wonderful element of the highland tradition. Most importantly, our clients can count on the cheapest sleigh ride in Zakopane - including a sleigh ride with torches. And all of this comes with an interesting atmosphere and many additional attractions!


It's worth knowing that a sleigh ride in Zakopane is not just a sleigh ride itself, which is undoubtedly a fantastic experience on its own. It is a sleigh ride with a bonfire, so the whole fun lasts much longer and includes other entertainments, with the highlight being the bonfire and feast with real highlanders! Such a Zakopane sleigh ride is actually a several-hour event in a typical highland environment, where the sleigh ride itself is just the beginning, albeit a wonderful and unforgettable one!



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Tatra Sleigh Zakopane