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Regulations for participation and booking of OTOTATRY.PL one-day trips

One-day trips are organized by OtoTatry Paweł Pańszczyk, hereinafter referred to as the organizer. The organizer conducts business activity on the basis of an entry in the Polish register under no NIP 7361697517 Numer REGON 382798737. Based on the entry in the Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents no Z/34/2016 organizes tourist events and acts as an intermediary in concluding contracts for the provision of tourist services on behalf of clients.
The seat of the organizer is located at ul. Jesionkówka 10a, Poronin, phone no. 665 665 676, website www.ototatry.pl, email: biuro@ototatry.pl
1. Preliminary booking of a tourist event
1.1 The booking made by the Customer creates an opportunity to participate in a tourist trip/event
Reservations can be made in writing, verbally or by phone and electronically via the website www.ototatry.pl.
1.2 After making the initial reservation, the Customer receives a confirmation from the Organizer
of the booked trip/tourist event, confirmation in the case of booking at the Organizer's office or e-mail confirmation in the case of online booking or verbal confirmation when booking by phone.
1.3 An unpaid reservation is treated as a preliminary reservation. The validity of the initial reservation is 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed and confirmed by the parties.
After the agreed date, the initial reservation is cancelled.
2. Conclusion of a contract for the purchase of a trip
2.1. After making the payment for the tourist event, the Customer receives a confirmation of purchase from the Organizer.
2.2 Submission and conclusion of the contract is tantamount to acceptance of the offer and the conditions for the provision of tourist services. Signing the contract is also a confirmation of consent to the processing and sharing of personal data only for the purposes of the contract.
2.3. In the event that the reservation concerns several people, the person making the reservation electronically or in the stationary office also does so on behalf of all registered participants of the tourist event and thus takes responsibility for these participants' compliance with the terms of the contract.
3. Making payments for a tourist event/trip
3.1 In the event of concluding a contract by the online booking system, e-mail or telephone booking of a one-day trip,
The customer pays the full amount due.
3.2. Making the payment for the trip is tantamount to concluding the contract.
4. Benefits and changes in the performance of services
4.1 The scope and conditions of the provision of services, dates of departure and return as well as detailed arrangements are specified in the offer. The Organizer undertakes to properly provide services in accordance with the conditions set out in the offer.
4.2 Tours start on the day stated in the offer, regardless of latecomers.
Departure times and stages of the event are provided on an ongoing basis. Lateness or failure to appear on the trip or its stages (stops, staying in facilities, free time) on the agreed date is treated as resignation from the event, without the right to reimbursement. The time of return from the event may change for reasons beyond the organizer's control (force majeure).
4.3 Changes in the scope and conditions of service provision made by the organizer are acceptable, provided that they are necessary and irrelevant for the implementation of the program, and the reason for non-performance is force majeure. The organizer also reserves the right to make a significant change to the event program in the event of weather deterioration in the weather-dependent part of the event program, using the paid part included in the price for the above reasons.
4.4 As part of organized trips, the organizer does not provide care for minors and
persons in relation to whom there is a basis for limiting legal capacity. These persons may participate in the tourist event only under the supervision of adults.
5. Prices
5.1 The prices of the tours, along with information on what the price includes, are included in the price lists on the website.
5.2 The organizer is not responsible for changes in admission prices to visited facilities during the season.
6. Cancellation Terms and Costs
6.1 The customer is obliged to submit a statement of resignation from the tourist event in writing to the e-mail address provided or in person in writing at the stationary office. The date of submitting the resignation is the day of its receipt.
6.2 The customer is entitled to a refund of all payments in the event of cancellation of the trip.
7. Cancellation of the event
7.1 The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event for reasons beyond its control (force majeure, decisions of state authorities) without incurring additional costs.
7.2 In the event of cancellation of a tourist event (in accordance with Article 12(1)(8) of the Act on Tourist Services), the customer will be notified by phone, e-mail or by sending a text message no later than 6:00 p.m. the day before the event begins.
7.3 The organizer may also cancel the event due to low attendance or weather conditions making it impossible to conduct the trip. In the event of cancellation of the event, the customer is entitled to a refund of all costs incurred.
8. Participant's responsibility
8.1 Each participant of the event is required to have valid travel documents, it is required to present a passport or ID card. Children must have a passport or temporary ID card.
8.2 In the absence of an appropriate identity document, such as a passport or a valid ID card (adults), when crossing the border with another country, the staff may not agree to participate in the trip.
8.3 The participant is obliged to cover the damage caused by him/her during the event.
8.4 The organizer has the right not to allow a person in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants to participate in the trip. In the above case, the Customer is not entitled to a refund of travel costs.
9. Liability of the organizer, complaints.
9.1 In the event of a failure of the means of transport, the organizer is obliged to provide a replacement vehicle and, if possible, carry out the planned trip program.
9.2 The Organizer will respond to the complaint in writing within 30 days from the date of submission of the complaint. If the customer does not receive a response within 30 days of its submission, it is considered that the organizer found the complaint justified. In justified cases, this period may be extended, of which the Customer will be informed in writing.
9.3 The search for forgotten items should begin as soon as you return.
10. Use of the image
10.1 Group photos are taken during the tour. We place these photos on our website, FB and in prepared advertising materials. People who do not agree to the publication of their image are asked to disconnect from the group for the time of taking the photo, otherwise participation in the photograph is tantamount to consenting to the use of the image.


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