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Many people appreciate engaging in extreme outdoor sports. For this reason, Zakopane quads seem like a perfect idea for an active vacation surrounded by forests, mountains, and fresh air. With a quad, you can easily navigate through forest trails and admire the wild nature. Moreover, the extreme routes provide a lot of joy and adrenaline. 

Quad trips in Zakopane
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Quad tours

Quad biking trips in Zakopane - routes and rules


Each tourist can individually choose a route with a guide. We offer off-road, scenic, and mixed routes for those seeking excitement. The FUN OPTION for 1 hour is exclusively off-road. During the journey, tourists cover a distance of 12 to 15 km depending on their riding skills. The ACTIVE OPTION is a 2-hour route that includes public roads.


The journey begins at 43 Kościuszki Street in Poronin. Before the excursion starts, the guide checks the driver's quad driving license. When choosing a two-person vehicle, the driver can bring any accompanying person, even a child. However, it is important to remember that the driver is responsible for the accompanying person. There is also the possibility to reschedule the trip due to weather conditions without any consequences.


The quad biking tours in Zakopane are available all year round, regardless of whether it's snowing, raining, or sunny. It is worth considering this when booking a date. Interestingly, customers often choose poor weather conditions as a convenient time for a ride.

Before each departure, there is a briefing on quad operation, and clients are informed about how to ride and behave during the journey.


From the starting point, there is about 2 km of straight road to familiarize the tourist with the quad. Additionally, 2 km from the start, there is a practice "track" where inexperienced clients can practice quad riding.


Throughout the entire journey, the guide observes and ensures the well-being of all participants, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The route is suitable for everyone, regardless of their skill level. However, it is important to note that there may be more challenging sections.

OtoTatry offers two options for quad biking excursions:


FUN OPTION: 1 hour + transfer

ACTIVE OPTION: 2 hours + transfer


Each excursion includes pick-up of tourists from Zakopane and Kościelisko. Other locations can be arranged individually. Usually, the groups accommodate a maximum of 8 people plus an instructor. However, it is possible to organize a larger number of participants.

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Quad Tours

Clothing for

To enjoy the entire quad tour in Zakopane, it's important to dress appropriately. Clothing should be suitable for the prevailing outdoor conditions. When it's cold, dress warmly. In case of rain and muddy trails, we offer special rainproof suits that can be rented for 20 PLN each. This ensures that the driver and passenger stay dry and their clothes remain clean. The provided suits protect against both rain and mud. Additionally, each client receives a complimentary helmet and protective gloves. Zakopane quad tours are organized to ensure that tourists derive pleasure from every minute of riding through forest and mountain trails.

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Is a driver's license required to participate in a quad tour?


"Quady Zakopane" is excellent entertainment for anyone who holds a driver's license. Before embarking on the tour, the guide checks if the driver has the appropriate credentials. A driver's license is not required for a passenger (two-seater quads). This means that even a child can join the "quad Zakopane" tour. However, it should be noted that the driver is responsible for the passenger.


    What is the speed of the vehicles in Zakopane Quads?


Our quads are modern and durable, with a power of 40 km and a maximum speed of 60 km/h. Furthermore, the vehicles are equipped with third-party liability insurance and are registered, allowing legal travel on public roads.


    Who is responsible for quad damages?


The driver is responsible for the vehicle as the guide cannot monitor every participant. If the quad is damaged, the client bears the repair costs. However, quad damage is practically impossible if the participant follows the instructor's advice.


    Where does the quad tour start?


Our tours start at 43 Kościuszki Street in Poronin. As part of the purchased ticket, transfer service is available. Pickup points in Zakopane and the surrounding areas can be found at this link: [link to be provided: https://ototatry.pl/punkty-odbioru]


    Zakopane Quads price list – where to buy tickets and how much do they cost?


Tickets for the "Quady Zakopane" tour can be purchased online. Prior to the planned departure, at least 24 hours in advance, it is necessary to reserve the vehicles. To do so, simply call the number +48 665 665 676.

As for the price, it is as follows:

"FUN OPTION" – quads: single-seater - 300 PLN, two-seater - 400 PLN, tour duration: 1 hour + transfer

"ACTIVE OPTION" – quads: single-seater - 500 PLN, two-seater - 600 PLN, tour duration: 2 hours + transfer


    Is the offer seasonal or year-round?


Quad tours are organized throughout the year, regardless of whether it's snowing, raining, or sunny. However, if someone considers the weather conditions inconvenient, there is no problem rescheduling the tour for another date.


    Zakopane – quads. What should I wear for the tour?


Dress appropriately for the prevailing outdoor conditions. If it's cold, dress warmly. In case of rain, you can rent special protective suits from us. The cost is 20 PLN per suit. This ensures a more enjoyable "quad Zakopane" ride, as the suits protect against both rain and mud.

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Quads Price List, Zakopane

The quad excursions price list includes transfer and quad travel, depending on the chosen option and the number of people, as follows:


FUN OPTION: 1-hour excursion: 1-person quad = 300 PLN/ 2-person quad = 400 PLN


ACTIVE OPTION: 2-hour excursion: 1-person quad = 500 PLN/ 2-person quad = 600 PLN


We have prepared modern and durable quads with a power of 40 km and a maximum speed of 60 km/h for our clients. The offered models are either single or double-seated. Each quad is also equipped with third-party liability insurance and is registered, allowing you to travel on public roads.

The driver is responsible for the quad as the guide cannot monitor every participant. In case of any machine damage, the client bears the repair costs. However, if the client follows the instructor's recommendations, quad damage rarely occurs.


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