Path in the treetops, Bachledova Valley

The length of the trail is 1234 m. To reach it, we can safely and comfortably take the new gondola lift, or for hiking enthusiasts, there is a trail available, although it is not the easiest. The path has varied terrain, steep ascents, and a total length of approximately 1.5 km. The highest point of the trail allows us to be as high as 24 meters above the ground. At the end of our hike, we reach a 32-meter-high observation tower, from which we can admire the peaks of the Bielskie Tatra Mountains, the panorama of the Pieniny Mountains, and Zamagurze. An additional attraction at the top is an 88 m2 net on which we can stand and observe the difference between us and the ground, as a 32-meter abyss evokes a lot of emotions. Of course, not everyone has to step onto it. For adrenaline enthusiasts, there is also a 67-meter slide, which can be enjoyed by individuals taller than 120 cm. These adrenaline spots are available for anyone who wants to experience a thrill in safe conditions.

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Bachledka Valley Path

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Walk in the treetops

One-day excursions from Zakopane - experience this adventure with us


The changing seasons present us with various views, which is why Oto Tatry organizes the Tree Crown Walk even in winter when the spruce peaks are covered in white fluff. It is difficult to determine which of these scenes is more beautiful; undoubtedly, each one captures the picturesque landscape in its own way.


Depending on the season, during free time, we can:


→ Take a walk around Lake Szczyrbskie

→ Visit Stary Smokowiec

→ Take the cable car to the top of Hrebienok, where the Ice Temple is located

Walk in the treetops and the wealth of nature


This extraordinary journey among the treetops allows us to admire the beauty of two National Parks: the Tatra and Pieniny National Parks. The main reason for establishing these parks was the negative impact of human activities on nature. The uniqueness of the fauna and flora that thrive there has been captivating for centuries. The richness of plants and trees found there is too extensive to list. This exceptional form of experiencing nature takes on a unique form thanks to the panoramic views of the Tatra, Gorce, Magura Spiska, Pieniny, and Beskid Sądecki mountains. 

The observation tower and the walkway are wheelchair and stroller accessible. The path width is 1.8 meters, and the gentle incline (2-6%) makes it easy to move around the walkway. The Tree Crown Walk excursion is suitable for people of all ages. For those walking in the tree crowns, there are educational stops available. Information boards, particularly engaging for the youngest visitors, provide various interesting facts and allow you to see the animals and vegetation found in the Tatra forests. Another interesting feature on the walkway is the secured fitness stops. By traversing different bridges, nets, or movable beams, you can feel like an adventurer! Bringing pets onto the walkway is prohibited. For those who are on the excursion with their furry companions, there is a designated area with water access where you can safely leave your pet free of charge.

Walk in the treetops and the Strbske Lake

and Štrbské Lake

Tree Crown Walk

Taking a stroll around the Lake is a good idea for spending leisure time, as we have a whole 2 hours for it. That is more than enough to cover the distance around. This area is magical, and besides beautiful views, it also impresses with its wealth of mountain vegetation.




Tree Crown Walk and Stary Smokovec! WINTER SEASON offer!



Stary Smokovec is the oldest recreational settlement located at the foot of the High Tatras in Slovakia. During a day trip, we can enjoy visiting the most beautiful corners in a pleasant and enjoyable way. This place captivates mainly with its scenery, green areas amidst the mountain backdrop.

In Stary Smokovec, we can also find a modern mountain railway that allows us to reach Hrebienok in just 7 minutes. Queen Elizabeth II also rode this railway in 2008. An additional attraction is the possibility of descending from the mountain not by train but by sled! The sled track is as long as 2.5 km.


On the top of Hrebienok, during the winter season, we can admire ice sculptures. Every year, several sculptors from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, and Lithuania create architectural works in blocks of ice, with a different theme each time.


We can admire the unique combination of ice sculptures and glass complemented by lighting every day. The ice structure is located under a 25-meter diameter dome. Thanks to special units inside, a constant temperature is maintained.



Štrbské Pleso is located in the High Tatras, it is the second largest lake on the Slovak side and is situated at an altitude of 1346 meters above sea level on the so-called Štrbské Terrace. The lake is often compared to the well-known Morskie Oko lake. It is located at a similar altitude but is smaller, covering an area of 19.76 hectares. On the southern shore of the lake, you can find a wooden bridge, sometimes referred to as a jetty. Standing on it, you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Tatras, and nearby there is a marina for kayaks and boats, which returned to the lake in 2008. They had been a tourist attraction of this place for about 100 years.

Strbske Lake in the High Tatras


Why choose a tour with OtoTatry?

→ Entrance to the tree crown walk + cable car ride (up and down) → Adults: 27 € → Children aged 3-14 and seniors aged 65+: 22 €

→ Children under 3: FREE → FAMILY TICKET (2 adults + 1 child): 61 € → FAMILY TICKET (2 adults + 2 children): 69 € (each additional child under 14 years: additional fee of 18 €)


→ Comfortable coach or minibus transportation (depending on the attendance)

→ Tour guide assistance

→ Individual accident insurance (NNW) + liability insurance ADDITIONAL FEES APPLY

Ice House in Slovakia walk in the treetops
Departure from Zakopane - walk in the treetops
Picturesque Strbske Lake

Walking in the Treetops with Oto Tatry!



Walking in the treetops is one of the most exciting ways to explore nature in an extraordinary way.


This 9-hour excursion offers a lot of attractions. Walking along the treetop path is possible only in a few places in the world, so set off with Oto Tatry and let this day stay in your memory for a long time!

Tree Crown Walk - want to learn more?

Check out the frequently asked questions



1. How long does the Tree Crown Walk tour last?


The Bachledka Tree Top Walk lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. In addition to that, you should consider the travel time. During the summer, an additional attraction is a ride to Štrbské Pleso, and during the winter, to Stary Smokovec, where you have 1.5 hours of free time.



2. Can children handle the Tree Crown Walk?


The walking route is not difficult and measures about 1.5 km, so children should have no problem completing it. Moreover, you can reach the walkway by a lift, which allows you to save energy for further hiking.



3. At what height is the Tree Crown Walk located?


The tree crown walk takes place at a height of 24 meters above the ground, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful view of the surrounding nature and the treetops within reach.



4. What is the height of the observation tower?


The observation tower, part of the tree crown walk, is as high as 45 meters. It is one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the Karkonosze Mountains. An additional attraction is the 50-meter slide that you can ride down from the tower.

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Love for Nature!


Each of us loves beautiful views. Nature and the power of the mountains are one of the most beautiful combinations, so without haste and without shortening the time, we carry out each part of the tour.


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Treetop Walk Bachledka

A wooden path that allows us to admire the beauty of the surrounding nature is located on the border of the Tatra and Pieniny National Parks in the town of Zdziar, right in the middle of the Bachledova Valley in Slovakia. This picturesque trail is only 40 km away from Zakopane, so while spending time in the Tatras, it's worth taking advantage of the one-day excursion offer by OtoTatry and visiting this breathtaking viewpoint.



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Walk in the treetops - path in the clouds
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Treetop Walk Bachledka

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Departure from Zakopane and its surroundings in the morning


Taking a gondola ride to the summit of Magura Spiska


Walking along the Tree Top Walk (approximately 2 hours)


Trip to Štrbské Pleso (Štrba Lake) with approximately 1.5 hours of free time


Return to Zakopane in the afternoon hours



Treetop Walk Bachledka from Zakopane